November 20, 2015:  The rough plumbing has been placed. Unfortunately, the torrential downpour we had this week overwhelmed the temporary sump pump system that was cobbled together to drain the water coming through the hole in the roof.  So the terrace level slab pour has been put off until next week.  New concrete for Thanksgiving!

June 24, 2016:  I'll hopefully be blogging weekly now as we continue to make progress toward the move-in date (which has been pushed back to August).  Newnan utilities had to install a new transformer and now we have permanent power entering the rear of the building rather than front as before.  This past week, the ceiling lights have been installed - no small feat due to the ceiling heights.  Fortunately, they're all LED's so changing lightbulbs will be a rare occasion and the electric bill will be more manageable.  Since it is a modern home, the majority of the lighting will be from the ceiling recessed lighting - over 150 of them in total. Final bathroom tiling has been completed and the big news is that the hardwoods have been sanded, and sanded... and sealed by week's end so they can dry thoroughly over the weekend.  Initially, we wanted to use the recycled heart pine beams saved from the building, but they turned out to be unsuitable for flooring so we went with white oak. Don't worry, we have plans for the pine as it is being used for accents throughout the building - such as the main staircase courtesy of our own master carpenter and general contractor Dwayne Thorne.

Future Living Room

December 4, 2015: Second portion of the basement pour.  The base of the lightwell (more about that later) is poured along with some cinderblock retaining walls.   Next, an old window was uncovered during demolition that required filling in. What is now the basement was once above ground when the building was first constructed in 1914.

April 30 2016:  Again much progress in the last two weeks.  The plumbing and electrical have passed inspection.  As has HVAC and framing with just some minor tweaks to be finished shortly.  Over the last two days, the experts at Envirofoam have installed spray foam insulation throughout the building.  Interestingly, two types were used based on which floor they were spraying.  The foam will also act as a vapor barrier to keep the moisture from the 100 year old brick away from the structure of the home.  Standard pink fiberglass was used for interior walls for sound insulation.  Bottom row, the bricklayers are making great progress on the upper floor as modern meets historic.

July 8, 2016:​  After a slowdown over the July 4th holiday, the bricklayers are back on site.  Below left, the front facade is now being recreated with the original brick salvaged from elsewhere in the building.  Below center, the plumber has started installing bathroom fixtures.  Below right, the marble is being installed in the master bath.

January 7, 2016:  With a little help from mother nature, the framers have completely shelled in the building.  Now they are removing temporary bracings and finishing the details of the interior framing.  Below left, the living room takes shape.  Center, an early view from the master bedroom.  Right, note the new windows will pay respect to the originals.

February 5, 2016:​  Now that the weather is cooperating, the membrane roof is being installed by Coweta Property Services from right here in Newnan.  This will finally begin to seal the building.  Plumbing and electrical to proceed shortly.  We return to the Zoning and Planning Commission this coming week to seek approval for our plans to rebuild the front wall facing the street.  Wish us luck!

May 31, 2016:​  It's crunch time.  Everything is coming together with extraordinary effort on the part of our General Contractor.  We were all actually working to get the project moving forward over the Memorial Day weekend.  Living room fireplace is well underway, stucco is being applied to the exterior, flooring is going in, drywall mudding is in process and painting will begin shortly.  Further, the last of the concrete pour is scheduled for later this week and we hope to have a front door by the weekend!

January 28, 2016:  Front wall rebuilding is on hold while we go back to the Zoning and Planning Commission to assure them that the front facade will be retain it's historic appearance when rebuilt. The regular rain has prevented putting on the roof over the last week so a huge tarp has been placed to keep the rain out until the roof is installed next week.  In the meantime, the masons are beginning to fill in the existing brick openings.  Note that some of the openings will be a more modern square shape.  For the outermost course of brick, salvaged brick from elsewhere in the building will be installed with color matched mortar.

November 6,2015:  As you can see on the left, the demo crew has made short work of the interior joists. They've also cut the opening in the center brick spine in the rear of the building to open up the space.  Next is investigating the footings prior to pouring the new foundation.  Below right is the view from the rear doorway.

September 21, 2015:  Major hiccup.  We lost our original financing for the project, but fortunately we are back on track with Southern States Bank who are as excited as we are about the project.  Hopefully, we'll be starting demolition within 30 days. The silver lining is that during the pause we've refined the design and found some additional ways to reuse and repurpose some of the existing historic structure.

September 5, 2016:  Well it's already September and the house isn't move-in ready yet.  Progress is being made, albeit more slowly than we'd like. However, it's all detail work from here and hopefully the extra time taken will be noticeable.  Below first row, kitchen cabinets have finally arrived and are being placed.  The folks from A&L are actually here on the holiday working to move things along.  Finally, the front facade (bottom row) has been finished and all of the old brick around the building has been repointed.  Lastly, bottom row  right the glass is being set in the master bath.  We hate to leave everyone hanging, but this will be the last post during construction. Once the project is finished and furniture delivered, we'll post additional photos.  Thanks for following the adventure with us!

August 12, 2016:  Slow steady progress.  The front facade isn't progressing nearly as quickly as we'd like, but this coming week, progress should be more noticeable.  In the meantime, the rear deck - which will also - serve as covered parking begins to take shape.

March 4, 2016:  Sorry for the lack of posting on the blog.  Work has kept me busy these last two weeks.  Nonetheless, there's good news and bad news on the project. The bad news is that the drilling rig (above right) broke down and the repair has taken way too much time.  The company assures us that they will be up and running this week and will be finished shortly thereafter.  The good news is the custom mortar we ordered has arrived and the brick masons are beginning to frame the window openings and rebuild the front wall (removing the last remnants of the newer brick on the facade and tieing in the old brick that was salvaged from elsewhere in the building).  Once the mortar really cures and the brick is pressure washed, the rebuilt part should be nearly indistinguishable (see bottom half of the lower right photo).

January 1, 2016:​  It's been a challenging holiday season. Torrential rains turned the basement into the largest swimming pool in downtown Newnan.  However, the framers were able to keep progressing with the perimeter of the main floor.  With a submersible pump to take care of the basement and some clear weather predicted, the top floor - the master level - begins to rise.  The first photo shows the cantilevered floor over the living room.  Hopefully, the weather will hold enough to get the whole place buttoned up by the end of the first full week in January.

April 14, 2016:  Lots going on.  Bricks have been delivered for the top portion of the building.  More on that later... The plumber has finished all the roughed in plumbing. Top row left, master bath vanity plumbing  shows that its almost artistic and a shame it will be covered up by sheetrock.  Center is the master bathroom control panel and right is the wiring for the control center for home automation that ASI has been working on so diligently.  Bottom left, the window frames are being installed throughout the house.  These are commercial grade windows so the glass is installed after the frame.  Bottom row center, the front courtyard has been poured with two steps leading up to the front door and courtyard area.  Bottom right, Swann Mechanical has installed the air handlers for the geothermal system.  One for each floor, but all located on the lowest level.  Each geothermal well has been completed and connected to the interior systems.

February 14, 2016:​  Aaron's Plumbing is making great progress roughing in the plumbing - no small feat. Between the structural beams and the layout of the bathrooms, they're snaking the pipes through the building.  Also, as mentioned above, last week we appeared before the Zoning and Planning Commission again to approve our plans to rebuild the front wall and they approved the proposal unanimously.  Lastly, the geothermal wells are being drilled for the HVAC system - four wells between 500-600 feet deep through soil and rock!

December 11, 2015:  A team meeting with architect and general contractor occurs early in the week.  The actual size of the basement is slightly different than originally planned.  Final decisions are made for interior wall placement and the framing begins.  In three days, the JW Construction team makes amazing progress.  Note the size of the beams being used.  These will support all of the home above.

October 29, 2015:  Demolition begins.  First the shiplap ceiling comes down and then the flooring comes up.

May 13, 2016:  The bricklayers from World of Masonry have made fast work of the entire top floor and tying the new brick into the existing facade.  AVI has now completed most of the windows so the building is sealed from rain - that means it's time for sheetrock.  First, our general contractor spent time making sure all details were set and all sliding door tracks were installed.  Finally,  4ftx12ft panels of sheetrock are being hung throughout the building.   On a separate note, we are flattered that 23 Perry will be on the Modern Home Tour of greater Atlanta.  If you'd like more info check out

November 25, 2015:  Starting early in the morning, five cement mixer trucks pulled in.  All the footings and the slab were poured by the experienced crew at Cornerstone Concrete.  Now for a well-deserved Thanksgiving pause in construction.

December 18, 2015:  What a difference a week makes. J W Construction is making rapid progress with framing.  The roof has  now been removed from the rear of the building and the framing of the main floor is progressing.

These are the "before" photos

July 22, 2016:  The front facade is progressing as each brick has to have the old mortar removed then used to rebuild the facade. The corbeling - where certain rows of brick step out from the rest - is being recreated. Marble in the master shower is proceeding and finally cabinetry - so essential to the interior design - is finally being delivered and installation is commencing.  Below right, the glass railing for the landing overlooking the living room is being installed.

June 16, 2016:  Lots of progress since the last blog entry.  The big news is that the home (and Newnan) were featured on the Modern Atlanta tour of homes.  Unfortunately due to construction delays, the project isn't finished so we'll be featured on next year's tour as well!  If you'd like to know more visit:  Nonetheless, progress has been steady. The concrete parking slab has been poured in the rear, the front wall its beginning to rise from it's lowly beginnings (with the original brick salvaged from elsewhere in the building) and stucco work is nearly complete.  Bottom row: The crew from Kyle Mapp Construction have also been making great progress on tiling the bathrooms.  JP McChesney installs the front door (yes, he's 6ft 4in tall!) 

October 20, 2015: Big day. Many thanks to Southern States Bank in Columbus, GA who have believed in our vision and made this all possible. We closed on our construction loan today.  Demolition is right around the corner.

November 11, 2015:  Making great progress.  The footings for the front wall have been poured.  All of the debris/bricks from the rear of the building have been removed and now there's a "Bobcat" excavating soil so we can pour the foundation for the lowest level which will support the actual construction framing.  Although the existing brick walls have supported this structure for 101 years, going forward the home will be self supporting with interior framing and the brick will be anchored to the new structure.     

Future Kitchen/Dining

March 25, 2016:​   Things are really starting to speed up.  The electricians are wiring the entire structure, rough in plumbing has been completed.  Fixtures are in storage until the sheetrock is finished.  The ductwork for the HVAC is going in and snaking through the building.  Window frames for the plate glass windows are being installed and Western is installing the sliding glass doors for the dining room (below left and center) and the master bedroom (below right).

March 18, 2016:  The brick masons are making progress.  Below left the window openings are now taking shape.  Below center, the cut edge of the brick wall that splits the space in two is redone.  Below right, the window frames are being installed. The glass will follow separately.  

January 15, 2016:​  The interior walls for bathrooms/closets, etc. are now all framed.  Below left, the brick wall that divides the main floor in half is now cut to its final dimensions making way for a fireplace in the living room.  A temporary stair is now in place and will be used later for the lower level.  However, careful inspection of the front wall of the building confirmed our initial suspicions that it was unstable and would have fallen down in the near future regardless of construction or not.  So the wall has been taken down and will be rebuilt with original brick from the site.